On May 9, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Business Forum Newspaper in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City Cargo Transport Association and Vietnam Freight Forwarders Association (VIFFAS) organized the workshop “Road traffic fee – favorable and difficulties of businesses ”. Representatives of enterprises (transport), economic experts said that in the context of the current economic situation is facing many difficulties, Decree 18/2012 / ND-CP on collection of road maintenance fund will make transportation more difficult

Businesses are more difficult

According to VIFFAS Association, the country now has more than 1,000 businesses in logistics (freight forwarding), directly affected by the policy of road maintenance fees. According to MOT’s proposal, freight vehicles such as trucks, tractors, containers, straw shirts … are subject to very heavy charges.

Specifically, trucks, trailers and special-use cars with a total weight of 27 tons or more have the highest closing rate of VND 1,440 / month. In the current difficult economic conditions, road maintenance charges implemented right now will make transport companies even more miserable.

Dr. Tran Du Lich, Deputy Head of the Ho Chi Minh City National Assembly Delegation, a member of the National Monetary and Policy Advisory Council, said: “We fully share with the State to implement the fee collection. inform to invest in developing transport infrastructure system. But authorities do not take advantage of people’s sympathy but encroach on it. In my opinion, the Government needs to clarify how is the fee? What is tax? Do not turn fees into taxes to collect people’s money. Therefore, the Government promulgated Decree 18 on toll collection of Road Maintenance Fund is to generate a revenue that is not regulated by the Road Traffic Law ”.

Proposing to review the provisions of Decree 18

Comments of many transport companies that the Ministry of Transport needs to review the provisions of the decree to suit reality. Mr. Do Xuan Phu, Minh Lien Transport Company posed the problem: For the group of cars with trailer trailers, the Decree stipulates that both vehicles are charged as “tractors”, just on “shirts, shirts of straws”. pulled by cars and tractors “is absurd and unsuitable for the actual operation of this type of vehicle.

Mr. Le Thanh Thao, Quang Chau Transport and Forwarding Joint Stock Company worried: Besides the high fee level, the regulation of fee collection according to the registration period will be a huge difficulty for upcoming businesses. There will be a situation of straw and rice straws that will “avoid” registration to limit payment of fees, creating a potential danger of traffic accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to study the collection method to ensure fairness such as collecting oil and gas instead of collecting on the vehicle.

In this view, Mr. Tran Huy Hien, Secretary General of VIFFAS Association analyzed: “According to the current regulations on toll collection for road maintenance funds, enterprises must pay fees according to the registration period which is unreasonable and imposing. Transportation businesses have new revenue to cover expenses, including road maintenance costs. If the car is not operating or operating less because there is no contract of transport, then which company will take it to cover this cost? Especially for newly born enterprises. Therefore, in my opinion, it is necessary to set a time to pay the fee when using a new fee ”.