On October 27, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Transport organized an online conference on sea and sea transport enterprises dialogues in 2016.


Remove difficulties for shipping companies and seaports. Photo: Tran Le Lam / VNA

This is the 4th time the Ministry of Transport organized this conference, which is considered an annual activity to support and solve difficulties in the operation of enterprises, contributing to improving service quality and declaration. effective exploitation of sea transport and seaports, maritime services.

Speaking at the opening of the conference, Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Van Cong said that the conference will be held to help the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry’s agencies to better understand the business situation of the business. shipping industry, seaports, thereby proposing appropriate mechanisms and policies, especially now Vietnam Maritime Bureau is drafting many circulars and documents related to the operation of maritime enterprises, from That will get direct opinions to consider adjustment, to facilitate the most businesses to operate.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sang, Director of Vietnam Maritime Administration said that this conference has attracted the attention of many businesses in the country.

Up to now, the Ministry of Transport has collected 84 questions and recommendations of enterprises, including 30 questions on problems related to seaports and maritime channels, 18 questions about problems regarding the shipping group, 21 questions about group-related problems in prices, fees, charges, 15 questions about administrative-related problems.

At the conference, among the recommendations, there were some issues such as: Seaport Group: Seaport infrastructure, dredging maritime channels, unsold goods at seaports, port authorities, management and exploiting and monitoring the planning of seaports and seaport groups ….

Group of maritime transport development policies, proposals focusing on development policies of sea transport and fleet; enterprise development investment capital; solutions to improve transport market share; training human resources, crew members; vehicle load control.

Group of prices, charges and fees: Service charges for loading and unloading goods, pilots, towage; charges and fees for goods; fuel prices; Import tax reduction policies for ship building and repair equipment ….

Group of administrative procedures, enterprises focus on the issues of administrative reforms at seaports, customs procedures, coordination mechanism between state agencies at ports to reduce procedures administrative for business.

Regarding specific opinions at the conference, Mr. Trinh Quoc Dat, Chairman of Diem Dien – Thai Binh Shipping Association, said that, two years ago, the association had many opinions and so far has been the Ministry of Transport. Transportation, Vietnam Maritime Bureau removed such reforms to withdraw administrative procedures at some seaports, thereby helping businesses reduce costs and time.

However, the Association continued to propose to the Ministry of Transport to give an opinion to the National Assembly to reduce VAT from 10% to 5% as in 2009 and 2010 for shipping businesses facing difficulties to help business recovery and development.

“In addition, we also suggest banks reduce lending rates for businesses, with interest rates of 18-20% from 2009-2010, plus until now, many businesses cannot stand because interest rates are too high, ”said Trinh Quoc Dat.

Mr. Vu Duc Ngo, Director of a business in Thai Binh, suggested that because the ship is equipped with modern machinery and equipment, besides the channel, the route has been regularly repaired, however the regulations on towage, pilots have not changed for decades.

So Ngo proposed the Ministry of Transport and Vietnam Maritime Bureau to study to narrow the cases of compulsory use of pilot services and towage. Doing so will reduce troubles and costs for businesses.

“Regarding seaports, currently carrying out electronic procedures for river-sea transport ships (SB ships), however, enterprises cannot deploy massively because some ports have not yet carried out the inventory. electronic declaration, leading to difficulties for businesses, “said Vu Duc Ngo.

According to the representative of Vung Ang Port Joint Stock Company, in the process of implementing vehicle load control at seaports, there were difficulties such as controlling the load of road goods from outside to the port.

For example, if goods are loaded from Vietnam to Laos, the port actively controls vehicle load, but if goods from Laos return, according to Laos’ permissible load regulations, traffic may be higher than Vietnam. Nam, but the goods are leaded by customs, how will these cases be resolved?

Therefore, the Ministry of Transport and the inter-agency agencies are requested to provide specific instructions for disposing of seaports.

At the conference, regarding the issue of administrative procedure reform, many businesses were interested, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sang, Director of Vietnam Maritime Administration said, in the coming time, the Department will continue to build and complete. Online public service software at level 4 for 15 procedures for crew certification.

“In addition, Vietnam Maritime Administration will work with relevant agencies to soon complete the Regulation on operating the National Portal, promote the introduction of the National Web Portal and use it. connecting with specialized state management agencies in the region, ensuring the implementation of an “electronic door” in handling procedures for vessels at seaports “, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sang affirmed.

Concluding at the conference, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Cong said that the proposals of enterprises will be considered and removed by the Ministry’s agencies and will be answered in writing and posted on the Ministry of Transport website. Carriage.

For proposals outside the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry will petition the Government and relevant ministries and agencies to adopt appropriate policies and solutions to facilitate businesses and create a business environment. Fairest business for businesses.