Vietnam has a road system consisting of national highways, provincial roads, district roads, … with a total length of about 222,000 km, most of the national highways and provincial roads are asphalted and concreted very convenient for transport. Domestic downloads are very developed due to increasing trade. Currently, proship is deploying cargo transport services by truck with the cheapest price on the market.

The development of the economy and businesses is expanding, the scale of operation is getting wider and bigger. Goods transported everywhere, the number of goods is increasing, the service of transporting goods by truck is also increasing day by day. Meeting the needs of the market, serving consumers everywhere. The service has become increasingly professional, meeting all transportation requirements.



Transporting goods by truck is becoming more and more diversified and professional. The number of units providing truck and truck rental services is increasing in the country. Trade development is a development platform for many associated services, these services have many opportunities but also many challenges when competition in the industry is increasing. Looking at these issues, service providers have surveyed the actual situation and put up a plan to transport and move machines with large weight, and transport from warehouse to warehouse, from port to warehouse, from the ground to high, from high to low, from low floor to high floor, from high floor to low floor. With high experience and expertise combined with modern facilities, the units carrying out freight transportation services will meet all customers’ problems.

The diversity of services provided, ensuring to meet the necessary problems of businesses today, the units providing goods transport services by trucks also always pay attention to the quality of services and items. build a professional shipping service with the best quality, bring the highest satisfaction, ensure the development for our Proship shipping company as well as for the prosperity of business enterprises other.

Proship Provides a variety of services including:

Transporting goods in inner cities of big cities and traveling to provinces: As follows:

o Transporting goods

o Transporting goods in industrial zones

o Transporting goods by truck

o Transporting goods by crane vehicles

o Transporting goods with tractors

o Freight transportation North-Central – South

In addition, it also provides greater transport requirements, meeting the demand for goods transportation required by customers.

For businesses that trade in all kinds of services, they always pay attention to diversity and quality. Cargo transportation services are also the same, with the mission of providing the best service, ensuring benefits for both sides, bringing absolute satisfaction to customers is what the business units Type of delivery has been and is being done. The development of the economy is increasingly strong, especially e-commerce, it is certain that fast delivery service will go far and even more.